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 onGenDatenbank für Familienforschung zwischen Rhein und Maas
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Regulation of charges for für Robert Krebber - online-genealogie
ab 1. September 2005
At present there are four transactions liable to pay:
Inspection of source copies by cutout windows (not printable!)0.25 Euro for each side
Requirement of source copies by announcement as JPG image file (storing and printable)1 Euro for each page
Anforderung von Quellkopien durch Anzeige als PDF-Dokument (abspeicher- und druckbar)1 Euro for each page
Requirement of index book as pdf document (storing and printable) Cent for each page
Requirement of family tree (circle) as pdf document (storing and printable) discount 5 euro for self production!!! Euro per generation starting from 5. Generation

Once requested sides as well as the inspection by the cutout window are considered as paid and remain for mind. 1 year however maximally 50 announcements free of charge available. For requirements of source copies after the inspection of source copies in the cutout window then still the difference (at present 0 euro) must be paid.

To submitted documents or data records the following remuneration regulations apply.
Data records:0,50 Euro per 100 seized persons
sources:digitally2,50 Euro per 100 pages
A4 Copy unattached1,50 Euro per 100 pages
book1,00 Euro per 100 pages
Microfilm0,50 Euro per 100 pages
Sources do not have to be accepted. A disbursement of the copy assets is not possible.

Privileges apply starting from 1 October 2004 to
- for users for more than 50 euro the source copies paid requested (or seen) and at a value of 5% (starting from the next transaction).
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