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 onGenDatenbank für Ahnenforschung zwischen Rhein und Maas
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Charges and Fees at Robert Krebber - onGen
As from 11th February 2008

At present the following transactions require payment:
Request for source copies displayed as JPG image file (save-able and printable)1 Euro for each page
Request for source copies displayed as PDF document (save-able and printable)1 Euro for each page
onGen-ABO4 Euro per month
onGen-ABO duration 1 month18 Euro
onGen-PLUS4 Euro per month
onGen-PLUS duration 1 month18 Euro
ebookscosts as given on the page ebooks

Requested pages and pages viewed in detail are considered paid and remain available free of charge for 1 year or 50 views maximally. Later requests incur new charges.

Charges for genealogical contract research

- 15 Euro per hour for all research time in connection with your order
- 30 Cent per kilometre travelling costs (if any)
- 1 Euro each ONGEN document (+ 1 Euro for printing if required)
- Third party fees as for instance for printing or the use of equipment are charged separately.

You can start with a fixed amount of 5 Euro or more. After reaching that limit you will receive the results and you can then decide to go ahead or stop your order.
There is no guarantee for obtaining results. Offer is without engagement.

The following remuneration allowances apply to submitted documents or data records
Data records:0,50 Euro per 100 persons
Sources:digital2,50 Euro per 100 pages
A4 Copy unattached1,50 Euro per 100 pages
Book1,00 Euro per 100 pages
Microfilm0,50 Euro per 100 pages
Sources do not have to be accepted. A payment of the bonus assets is not possible.

Discounts starting from 1 October 2004 apply to
- 5% for users who have requested (or seen), and paid for, more than 50 Euro for source copies (starting from the next transaction).

Former tariffs
1. October 2004 - 31. August 2005
1. September 2005 - 28. February 2006
1. March 2006 - 31. October 2006
1. November 2006 - 28. February 2007
1. March 2007 - 3. November 2007
4. November 2007 - 10. February 2008
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